Fairy Light Cord Winder
Fairy Light Cord Winder
Fairy Light Cord Winder

Fall has arrived and as the cold weather approaches, it is time to start thinking about putting away those Solar powered fairy lights. People usually have trouble storing these lights and sometimes end up creating a tangled mess. Some have used cardboard to wrap their light string around, and while that does work, you still have the problem of the lights dangling from the solar panel.

That is where our handy solar fairy light cord winder comes in! This easy print fairy light winder will allow you to easily store your lights for next year so that they are ready to go. Let’s get started……..

Here is a list of things you will need:

  1. Some PLA filament to print your Handy Solar Fairy light Cord Winder. We used Solutech Silver Metal.

2. Our Handy Solar Fairy light Cord Winder. You can download it here.

Choose Your Fairy Light Cord Winder

We have included three different versions of our winder to give you some choices. Two have a provision to hold the stake typically included with solar fairy lights as shown below.

The stake easily attaches to the side of the winder.


Printing the Handy Solar Fairy Light Cord Winder is pretty straight forward. No supports are required. We recommend 20% infill.


Using the Handy Solar Fairy Light Cord Winder is simple. Start by hooking the end of the fairy light string under one of the catches. Then just wrap the lights around the winder.

The stake attaches as shown.

After you are done winding the lights, the post attached to the solar panel slides into the end of the winder.

The light string shown here was 72 feet long and had 200 lights.  So you can see our winder can handle large strings with no worries. Now your lights are all set for next season.

We hope you enjoyed this article on creating your own Handy Solar Fairy light Cord Winder. If you enjoyed this article, we recommend that you take a look at our other articles about mounting your solar lights.

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