Power Washer

Power washers have made it easy to keep your car, SUV, or truck looking great. Lets face it: everyone likes to make their ride look awesome so that they can be part of the “Cool Car Club”.

Having your favorite car wash solution or cleaner, such as the ones the Chemical Guys offer, right with your power washer, would make it extremely easy to start tackling the job.

Harbor Freight offers a budget electric power washer that can handle most jobs. It even has two “accessory holders” for things you might want to use or keep nearby, such has the included spray handle:

Once you attach assemble your spray handle you really do not have a use for the second accessory compartment. So why not use it for your Chemical Guys bottle?

The Power Washer Problem:

Keeping your car wash solution may sound like a great idea but there is one small problem. The Chemical Guys bottle does not fit.

The Solution:

What is needed is an “offset cup holder” of sorts to provide both a bigger diameter hole for the bottle as well as clearance for things to fit nicely. So that is exactly what we are going to create.

Here is a list of things you will need to build your Chemical Guys Carwash/Cleaner holder:

  1. The holder file so you can print one. You can download that here.
  2. Some PLA filament. We recommend using Solutech Clear PLA as we did in our build.

3. A Chemical Guys product such as their Extreme Bodywash+Wax (to test it out of course!)


We recommend using at least 20% infill when printing your holder. Supports will be required because this is an “offset holder”. We chose to use Solutech Clear PLA because it is reflective and holds up very well in direct sunlight.

When your print is finished, remove the support material and you holder should look like this:


Installation is straight forward. All you need to do is insert the smaller portion of the holder into the pressure washer accessory compartment. It will fit in either one:

Then drop in the CG Guys bottle. It should slide right in.

Now when you need your soap, its right there with your power washer, ready to go.

If you do not need either accessory compartment, consider printing a second holder for a CG Cleaner as well. The bottle size is the same.

Now go have some fun and enjoy washing your car!

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