Welcome to Imagination-3D. “Where anything you can imagine is possible…”

But what exactly does that mean?

When you were young and the world was new, you probably wanted to build and make everything. We know we did. However, as new ideas came into our minds, obstacles emerged and required innovative solutions. Fast forward to adulthood and everyone is still wrestling amidst those same problems, but with a modern twist. Instead of wanting to simply “build things”, you may find yourself with unique struggles as you learn how to fix things as well. It might be a broken part on a car, repairing a child’s favorite toy, or even mounting that new handheld shower-head you just bought that seemed like a great purchase at the time.

In today’s “throw away” society, rather than following through on an idea or fixing the broken item, they are usually trashed. Ideas are lost in the void of our unaccomplished ambitions.

But all that has changed……

With the advent of 3D printing technology, those lost dreams can become reality and broken items, in some cases, can be restored.

Here at Imagination-3D, we explore different ways to apply and use 3D printing in everyday life. Our goal is not only to be innovative creators, but also to be practical rebuilders. Follow along for insightful information on the latest in tech and 3D technology combined with old skills and tricks that can enhance your knowledge and abilities.

Partner with us and join our community of “makers” on this new journey into the world of tomorrow. Discover a place where fundamental skills and cutting-edge technology combine to create innovations of our imagination.

We hope you enjoy Imagination-3D. If you have ideas, innovations, or creations you would like to see just drop us an email. We would love to hear from you.