Solar Light Clips for Stone Pavers

Part 2 of our Solar light clip series deals with clips for stone pavers, specifically for common rope lighting. This accent lighting adds a new dimension to ambient backyard lighting. The rope lights are like the lighting previously discussed in Part 1 with the difference being that they are usually encapsulated in some sort of translucent “rope”. A small solar panel powers the rope lighting.

Lighting such as this can be purchased from many home centers, such as Harbor Freight:

Rope lighting is perfectly suite for areas such as walkways and borders.

But these brick and concrete rocks present the same sort of problem for the homeowner: How to mount lights on them? The solution is to create some custom 3D clips. Here is a list of what you may need to duplicate our project:

The List of What You Will Need For This Project:

  1. Rope lighting such as Harbor Freight’s “Solar Rope Light” or Hampton Bay rope light from Home Depot 
  2. Rockwall Yukon Concrete Wall Cap Stones, such as the ones from Home Depot.
  3. Some PLA filament that will blend into your stones, such as Solutech Gray or Silver Metal.
  4. Our original Rope light clips. We recommend printing enough so you have one clip ever two stones. Supports are not required when printing. We do recommend that you use 100% infill. You can download the file here.

The clips we designed as a solution to this problem, were designed around the “Yukon” style concrete wall cap pavers shown here:

These clips needed to be designed to “lock in place” around the pavers. So, each clip was given a “foot”

The clip slides over the Yukon block, so that only the top is exposed.

When the paver is put in place, only the top part of the clip needed to hold the rope lighting is visible.

Installing the rope lighting:

To install the rope lighting just slip the rope into the clip slot.

The clip has been designed to “grab” the rope and can accommodate two “rows” of rope lighting.

The harbor freight lighting is not excessively bright to begin with, so adding a second row helps with the illumination. When you are all done, your roping lighting routing will look something like this:

Now at night, your accent lighting really shines!

If you have not already done so, please check out our other light clips.

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