Makers Gallery

Welcome to the Makers Gallery!  The gallery is an area for all makers to show off photos of their latest “builds”.

A build can be something you made from a cool site (like this one) or someone else’s.

To get your build posted, simply email photos of your build to:

Along with the following information:

  1. If the design is not original, a web address where the design can be found so the author and site get credit and so that others can try to build it as well.
  2. A brief description of what you made and any tips that you think might help others.
  3. If your design is original and you wish to have it posted for download here include the file as well.  The design is always yours and we claim no rights to it at all. It will remain as long as you wish.

So, what is stopping you? Let us see your creation of imagination! 

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