What is a Benchy?

A benchy (or 3DBenchy as it is sometimes referred to) is a 3d model that is often used to test and benchmark 3D printers.  It tests their accuracy for various factors such as warping, deviations and tolerances.

Most of the time a benchy can be printed in a relatively short period of time, such as in an hour.

There are literally thousands of benchys available on the web with such great diversity it is staggering. But is it considered art? 

We tend to think yes.

If you look up the definition for “art” you will find that it can be described as “the application of human creative skill and imagination”.

To that end, we would like to show you some of the interesting finds we discovered while searching the web.

Tugboat style benchys:

Steamboat style benchys:

Possibly inspired by Steamboat Willie we wonder.

Double decker Ferry benchys:

Battleship benchys:

All in all, we found quite a fleet!

If you would like to try your hand at any of these benchys, you can find them on thingiverse.com, yeggi.com or the benchy site itself:




What is your favorite benchy? We would like to hear.

Editor’s note:  Imagination-3d.com is in no way part of, endorsed or authorized by, or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company or its affiliates. All depictions or references made here are for commentary only.  As to Disney artwork/properties: © Disney

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